David Novak

David Novak

David Novak delights audiences of all ages with tales that range from endearing folklore to outlandish originals.  Known for his theatrical performances, David uses his endless energy to share stories aimed at sparking creativity, making cultural connections, and entertaining each and every person in the audience.

"His range, personality, warmth, truthfulness, imagination, ability to transform, taste, all combined, make him a unique artist."

Lincoln Center Institute

Barbara McBride-Smith

Barbara McBride-Smith

Barbara McBride-Smith finds her stories everywhere. Whether she’s talking about ancient times or just last week, she twists tales into comical knots and then candy-coats them with Southern charm. The result is belly aching laughter, a tear or two, and, just maybe, a new lesson learned.

An “…entertainer, comedian, historian, and storyteller….Barbara McBride-Smith is truly a storyteller of mythical proportions.”

Storytelling Magazine

Lone Star Storytellers

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The Lone Star Storytellers are the cornerstone of this festival.  Selected by a highly competitive audition process, these amazing eight- to eighteen-year-olds go through months of coaching before wowing audiences.  Watch closely.  You might just get to watch a friend or neighbor perform!